How Can Backpack Be Washed Easy way to wash | Step by Step Guide

We all know that backpacks are now commonly used by millions of people around the world both indoors and outside. The question that arises is how can a backpack be washed.

Your backpacks and bookbags can accumulate stains or dirt over time, whether they’re loaded with school supplies, hiking gear, or your everyday carryall, so it is not easy to wash daily.

Can Backpack be washed

You can make your backpack last longer when you clean and wash it. When cleaning once or twice a year, you’ll want to spot clean any stains, gently wash, according to care instructions, and allow the item to air dry.

We explain to you step by step how a can backpack is washed with two methods hand wash or machine wash a backpack.

How can you wash your backpack? (A step-by-step guide)

We all need a pack for our travel, and this travel can be of any type. Probably no one in the world does not need a bag.

A bag is used for taking gear with us that we require to take with us. This gear can be of the divergent type includes cloth, food, shoes, makeup, books, stationery, and so on related to your requirement.

These gears can make your bag spotted and dusty because there are many wet things in these essentials.

That’s why you need to wash your pack when it becomes dirty and dusty. Here below, we have explained two step-by-step methods of how a can backpack be washed

Are backpacks machine washable?

Yes, you can wash your backpack in the washing machine but you have to follow our instruction which is given bellow

1. Steps for machine washing

Can Backpack Be Washed

Washing with the machine and washing with a hand is different because, in machine wash, those packs are made of high quality and strong material.

Moreover, with the machine, you can easily wash the pack, but washing a pack with a machine can damage your bag. That’s why there are some precautions to wash a pack in a machine that is given blew with a washing guide.

Step 1

First of all, make your backpack empty because any item inside the bag can be damaged with water. So check every pocket of your pack and remain it unzipped so that the inside of the pack also gets clean.

Step 2

After making the pack empty, ensure that there is no waste matter and dust particles remain inside because these waste materials can be stuck with your pack when you will wash them with water.

Step 3

Before starting washing, check the label of the pack probably. No bag does not have the label for washing precaution. Now prepare your backpack for washing after observation of all these preventative measures.

Step 4

some bags have a metal frame, so if your pack has that frame, then remove it first and also check the space of the machine is right for your pack to fit it perfectly.

Step 5

To wash your bag in a machine, it is most suitable to cover it in a laundry bag to save the backpack from damage. Maybe you do not have a laundry bag to use a pillowcase instead of the laundry bag.

Step 6

Now, put your backpack in the machine, add a small detergent amount, and wash it with a gentle cycle.

Step 7

When the pack completely wash, draw out the pack from the machine and dry it in the air.

Step 8

Before placing your gear in a backpack make sure, that pack is completely dried.

2. Steps for hand-washing

Can Backpack Be Washed

Bags in large sizes have to be hand washed. Packs made of soft material should wash by hand because, with machine washing, they can damage the pack’s color and surface material.

Step 1

Unzip all pockets and empty all compartments of the pack and remain the pockets unzipped. If the pack has a frame, removes it first because it’s metal that can rust with water.

Step 2

Put all your essential gear in a plastic bag until your backpack is dried.

Step 3

Try to use cold water to wash your backpack because warm water affects the color of the bag.

Step 4

Now fill your tub with lukewarm water and soak your backpack in it with soap or bleach-free detergent.

Step 5

Use a brush for the tough stains of the backpack. After brushing your backpack, remain in the tub for 30 to 40 minutes.

Step 6

Now, wash the pack with fresh water to extract the soap from it.

Step 7

dry your bag in the air instead of a dryer because drying a pack naturally is better than drying it in the dryer because heat can affect the bag.

Step 8

Your essentials can be kept in the bag once it is completely dry.

Note: Read all information given on the care label because the pack’s manufacture gives all information to wash a bag according to its material. So must read this information before washing the pack.

Here we will also give you the answers to these questions

  • Can a backpack be washed?
  • How can you wash your backpack?
  • How often can a bag be washed per year?
  • Can backpacks be washed in the washer?
  • How can you wash your backpack with your hand?

With a complete guide to wash a backpack, you can wash your pack easily, therefore read the article till the end to understand how a can backpack be washed without making any loss.

 Which type of pack cannot be washed?

A bag is one of those essentials that are a part of our all destinations, and we use the packs for many objectives. So no doubt with time, our packs get dirt and need to be washed to look neat like a newly bought pack.

Which daypack can be washed depends on the following things given below;


Different packs are made of different materials because every company uses different stuff, including stitching, a cloth used for it, and plastic used on straps of packs to manufacture their packs.

Before washing it, check its material. Some packs are made of nylon, some are made of leather, and some are also made of soft material.

The pack has soft material that needs hand washes with full care.

Quality and worth

Quality of material is most important because, with a wash, the color of the material can be affected badly, and the pack can lose its original color.

Moreover, the pack’s quality depends on the item’s price, and the product with a normal price has good quality.

However, the pack with high prices is of high quality, and such backpacks can be washed many times because these are long-lasting and remain with you for many years.

How often can a bag be washed per year?

How many times can a wash bag be washed per year, depending on how much time you use your bag per day? A student uses a backpack for 6 to 7 hour a day, but some people use only for travel.

Because of regular use, a bag will have bacteria and germs on its surface, so you have to wash your backpack by using disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer twice a week. Overall, a bag should be washed twice a year to prevent damage.

Can I put a backpack in the dryer machine?

Backpacks are made from different materials such as cotton, polyester, nylon, Polypropylene, canvas, Jute, PVC, leather, etc.

Some materials are made in such a way that damage them when placed in the dryer.Heat can affect the polyester material used in the pack, so prefer air dry to the dryer.

How long will it take for the pack to air dry?

To dry a backpack in the air depends on the weather and the material of the pack.

In dry weather, it will dry within 4 to 5 hours, but in normal weather, it will take a half-day. However, it also depends on your backpack’s material that how much time it will take to air dry.

Tips to take your backpack clean

According to present research, among the things we use daily, our backpack has many bacteria on it. We use it for a long time and take it with us while we are going to different places.

Therefore, to avoid germ attacks, it is necessary to take our bags neat and clean.

  • You can use disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer to remove all germs from the surface of your pack.
  • To remove the smell from your pack, you can use any fragrance spray or perfume.
  • Put a plastic cover on the wet items before storing them.
  • Always try to put your pack in clean places or try to take a patch of small cloth with you and use it to clean the place where you have put your bag.


Hopefully, these step-by-step instructions that how a can backpack be washed help you a lot and save your pack from damage during the wash.

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